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A Guide to Buying Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are stylish footwear for women

Fashion is one thing that is not constant, it changes every season but before you know it, things make a big comeback and are fashionable all over again. One such fashion trend that has been stylish for a while now and made a huge comeback is ankle boots. From the time they were introduced on the ramp they have been a huge favourite with fashionistas and an instant hit. Hence along with every other pair of shoes you have, it makes good sense to own a good pair of ankle length boots in your wardrobe, which look classy and trendy and at the same time morphs you into a rockstar. Well however versatile they are; one thing about ankle boots is if not matched with the right kind of outfit, they can look really out of place.

Things to consider before you buy ankle boots

There are a few things you should look at before investing in ankle boots; the most important being buying boots which suit your height and body shape because they can make short legs look longer and wide legs look thinner if worn correctly but the same proportion changes drastically if you don’t choose the right boots for your body. If a person has broad and short legs it would make sense to buy boots which have heels as they add to your height and also make you legs appear thinner so the wedge ankle boots or stilettos are the right choice. Similarly if you have long skinny legs you need to buy shoes that end around your shins and are dark in shade or have chunky patterns, which will steal the focus away from the skinny legs and give your thin legs little body.

Clothing you should not wear with ankle boots

Do not wear contrasting colours with your dress; try to match your bottom wear with the boots or else it will give a shorter feel and you could look smaller than your actual size. If you are wearing boots on a short skirt, the proportion should be shorter the skirt, longer the boots. If you are going for a feminine look avoid buckles and chunky bands or else it will look mismatched, rather try for fine detailing like prints or motifs for a feminine look. Never team boots with a flared bottom trousers like bell bottoms or palazzo pants, always team boots with skinny jeans or tapering trousers as the idea is to add to your length and not make your legs and lower body look wide.

Boots look good in suede and leather however opt for suede for a more sophisticated look and for a rockstar appeal stick to leather boots with straps and buckles. The best colours to own in boots are tan, black, brown and white but do not pair white with any dark colored bottom, as it would look grossly mismatched. Wearing stiletto boots not just adds to your height it also looks chic and sexy. Make sure you wear and walk in the boots before you buy them and see that they suit your legs; when unsure ask for a second opinion. The bottom line is to be comfortable and confident about your look rather than following blind fashion trends.